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We are company for production and distribution of consumer goods. We are present on the market for more than 28 years. Until 1990, we were engaged in wholesale, and since 1996 started our own distribution. Today, we distribute international brands that are often market leaders.
In 2002, we produced our first chocolate cream, called Vienna. This started a new chapter in the company, in which the production of own brands became equally important, as did the distribution. Shortly afterwards, Taze popcorn and Moe kolace brands were born, with 14 different cookie extensions and waffle products. Apart from our own brands, we also produce private trademarks.


The seven pillars of our business philosophy are the foundation of the corporate culture in our organization.

Essential values

Our core values are those of integrity, enthusiasm, growth, creativity and winning spirit.

Wisdom in making decisions

Wisdom in making decisions and speed in implementation are our virtue


Discipline and respect of ones self and the respective of others are a fundamentel elements in creating Mako Markets positive and engaging work environment

Pragmatic Realism

We approach each challenge as an opportunity, the goals we set ourselves are demanding but founded on the reality of our financial, technical and human resources. We are passionate and enthusiastic but temper them with pragmatism.

Open communication

At Mako Market we value openness, openness in communications, openness and willingness to learn, openess to change, and above all, an openess to embrace those different from yourself, no matter their gender, their age, their ethnicity, their religion, or their life challenges.

Leadership spirit

We encourage and facilitate a leadership spirit at every level of our operations. We strive to nurture a can do atitude where every person is encouraged to use their initiative to positively contribute to the advancement of themselves and our company.

Continuous improvements

We focus our energies on continual self improvement in our processes, the products we make, the service we deliver and the environments within which we work and live. This requires constant engagment with our shareholders, employees, partners and customers.



We stand by the word, we are honest with ourselves and with others, what we say we do.


Full of energy, with a positive attitude, passion for work and unconditional love for people (around us).

Growth and / or excellence

Everything improved every day, thirsty for knowledge and growth, towards achieving excellence.


Thinking differently, we devise original solutions for every situation.

Winning spirit and endurance

With a winning spirit, ambition and daring optimism – we are persistent in achieving the goal.


Our business contributes to a better quality of life and added values for employees, customers, partners and community, by always being one step ahead of the others.


We aim to be the leading distribution company in FMCG in the Macedonian market by offering outstanding quality of products and best services possible

Mako market has served the Macedonian market for more than 28 years, looking for ways to improve customer service and the experience that consumers have with the products.

We deliver over 7.5 million products annually, visiting our clients on daily basis.

We work with over 3500 stores, we export to many countries and we work private labels for sales chains. Customers are the focus of our work.

Over 150 employees work across multiple sectors of distribution, sales, production, marketing and administration in order to achieve the best results.